Moorabbin Basement Apartment

Warehouse Finish – Polished Concrete

Moorabbin Apartment Renovation -  Machine Polished Concrete

An old slab will typically have all types of rugged looking marks, stains and colours running through it. These come about after years of use, water seepage, metal, timber and other objects that were in contact with the concrete. The stones (or aggregate) might also be spread unevenly.One can never really know what is under the surface until the grinding process is well underway.

This type of finish is commonly referred to as a Warehose Finish. An industrial look that is popular in retail spaces, cafes, even high class restaurants, hotels and wineries that are situated in older buildings.

The owner of this apartment in Moorabbin decided to go with a CCC machine polished floor with a warehouse finish for their basement area. These photos are taken after the last pass and you can clearly see the character of the old slab coming through. The final effect is lost a little in these photos while building construction is still being undertaken however once the skirting boards, new cupboards and fittings are added, perhaps a rug or two and some furniture, this floor will have much appeal to the owner both visually and for cleaning purposes.

The owner can expect years and years of maintenance free floor space as re-tiling or re-carpeting become a thing of the past with a correctly machine polished concrete floor.